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Brief Information

Commercial water filling machine,bottle filling line for sale

Raw materials : Stainless steel
Filling range : 40~1000ML
Filling Container : Can,glass bottle ,plastic bottle etc
Application : Water,juice,dairy products, beverages, liquid seasonings, soy products, Jelly, alcohol, detergent, liquid chemical etc


Water filling machine are designed to fill low to medium viscosity liquids into bottle or can with a consistent fill level.Fruit juice filling equipment include orange juice filling machine, mango juice filling machine ,apple tea drink filling line, sports drink filling equipment and so on.The water filling machine adopts three-in-one production line ,include washing, filling and capping in one, it is composed of bottle washing, filling, capping in compact design, built for various filling purpose, suitable for hot filling of non-carbonated drinks in PET or other plastic bottle,can etc,the whole system with good stability, easy operation and supports customization.

water filling machine

Mineral water and fruit juice are less viscous products,which is one of the many different types of liquids that Zeno filling machine is capable of packaging and filling.This water bottling machine is especially useful when filling foaming products, our precision engineered overflow nozzles guarantee that equal fill levels are achieved,the foam will be evacuated out of the bottle during the filling process. it will not influence the filling accuracy.The different liquid will be pumped by a variety of different pumps or by gravity. According to user’s raw materials ,our machine will match centrifugal pumps, lobe pumps, or air diaphragm pumps etc.Zeno packing machine offers configurations ranging from 2 to 12 filling nozzle.

The most important purpose of packages is to protect orange juice from microbial spoilage and chemical deterioration during distribution and storage. For orange juice, measures should be taken to protect vitamin C and flavour compounds, and to prevent microbial growth and colour changes.There are three kinds of package is most popular on the world,laminated carton packages are the most common form of packaging in most countries for chilled and shelf-stable orange juice. They are either made from prefabricated blanks or fed from rolls, plastic bottles are the second most common type of container, followed by glass bottles ,also there are some plastic bag package in some country.

application of juice filling machine

Features of water bottling machine

1.The water filling machine adopted advanced Siemens programmed controller (PLC) ,which can run machine automatically ,it can feeding bottle and the user can adjust speed with the transducer of the main machine ,it can make the operations of moving bottle forward steadily.
2.The whole water bottling machine includes: Washing-filling-capping 3 in 1 machine, The three functions of bottle wash, fill and seal are composed in one body of the machine.also include optional machinery ,such as lamp inspection, label shrinking machine, inkjet printer, hot shrink film packer and belt conveyors.
3.The filling speed is adjustable,the user can fill slowly at the beginning and then accelerate to faster speed,and then finally slow down once again to finish up. This processing steps can prevent foamy liquids from bubbling and avoid spillage.
4.The water filling line adopted micro pressure filling operation which ensure the filling operation is faster and more stable.Compare with same specification machines , the output and benefit of this machine is much higher and better filling.
5.All the parts is inspected to run with photo electricity,t is convenient to operate with higher automation.if some production error occurs ,the warning light and buzz alarm will inform operator.
6.The lower vacuum filling category is suitable for glass bottle, metal can and such like materials. The capping machine can be used for aluminum theft proof cap and plastic cap.

commercial filling machine mineral water filling machine

Zeno brand mineral water filling machine and other liquid filling machine can fulfill fruit juice filling of many size and shape container. After the filling process, you can use capping machines to place custom logo and your factory information on water bottle.Labeling machine can print and place labels with unique images, text, branding, and production date. The whole system of conveyors can transport finished fruit juice products from the beginning of the liquid packaging process to the end in preparation for transport to retail outlets.We provide a wide selection of liquid filling machine for many different applications. If you want get solution of efficient production line that provides consistent results in packaging and filling, please consider working with Zeno packing machinery.We can work with you through machine selection and configuration based on space requirements in your facility along with other needs. You’ll see that a fully customized system can increase your facility’s service life, providing consistent quality for many years,which will highly reduce your invest cost.

water bottling machine

Technical Parameters of Water Bottling Machine


Brand Zeno Zeno Zeno


Filling range

40~1000L 40~1000L 40~1000L 40~1000L
Filling speed


1500~2500 2500~3500 3500~4500


Filling accuracy


Bottle diameter


Bottle height


Air consumption