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Snack packing machine price for nuts,beans,cookies

Filling range :1~2000g/bag
Filling container: Plastic bag,paper bag premade film bag etc
Application:Candy,melon seeds, chips, peanut,nuts,nutlet,preserved fruit,jelly,biscuit,confect,camphorball,currant,almond etc


Snack packing machine is suitable to use in packing all kinds of sheet material, grain material, strip material and abnormity material which such as candy,melon seeds, chips, peanut,nuts,nutlet,preserved fruit,jelly,biscuit,confect,camphorball,currant,almond, chocolate, filbert, corn, popcorn, pet foodstuff, dilatant foodstuff, hardware and plastic.

snack machine
Plastic packaging is a durable, lightweight, and resilient solution that is perfect for deli, snacks, and food processor containers. The consumer can take packed food in their bag which is convenient for taking.The plastic film seal capabilities offer food safety not only during shipping and transportation, but also provides numerous sealing options that can extend shelf life and protect the food inside against contamination,also avoid odor and deterioration caused by damaged packaging.
The snack manufacturing process is essential to ensuring the flavour,quality, freshness, and safety of your products. Each steps are important from the beginning,at the final steps you take to effectively package the final product will be easier with the right packing machine. Good beans packaging machine can provide standard packing way to seal and secure your product for consumer sales. They are designed to work with bags as well as other types of packaging,such as bottle or can.

The most important usage of package is to attract your target consumer.our snacks packing machine can be used for different type snack The package with secure sealability and leak resistant packaging features.The snacks and food can be packed in a wide range of shapes and sizes,including rectangular, round, square,clamshell, compartmented,fluted and more.Your products will stand out among the rest when displayed on a retail shelf.

Features of snack packing machine

1.The nuts packaging machine can complete the process for weighing, filling, sealing, cutting , counting, printing and output products automatic.
2.Imported Siemens PLC control system, English touch screen , the worker only need setting the parameters on screen such as filling, bag length, etc, thus achieving the best packaging effect.
3.Step motor control or servo motor, the whole system with high weighing accuracy, and can change the bag length by adjusting the parameters, and obtain the complete trademark pattern by high precision photoelectric control.
4.Highly sensitive weighing sensor, with the highest measurement accuracy up to ±1.
5.Automatic bayonet weighing hopper, storage hopper, vibration feeding parts and wire vibration without screw fixation.
6.All the parts contact with the material made by high-quality stainless steel , meet GMP standard.The surface is finish machining,smoothly,easy to clean ,disinfection management,easy to disassemble, assembly and versatility.
7.The user can customize the concavo-convex pattern plate, rotary weight, no material storage, non materials stick.Multifunction cookies packing machine can achieve the same type of product diversified packaging.
8.The optional equipment can match with machine:thermal printers, ribbon printer, finished conveyor.

snack packaging machine
Technical Parameters of snack packaging machine





Zeno Zeno


Packing accuracy

±1% ±1%


Packing range

1~50g 100~500g


Filling speed


0~50 0~40


Bag size








1.1kw 2.3kw 3.5kw
Size 0.73*1*1.7m 1*0.95*1.8m


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