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Dry powder mixer machine industrial protein powder blender machine

Raw materials:Stainless steel
Mixing capacity:15L~500L
Application:Food production factory,pharmacy,fine chemical engineering and biological engineering industries,animal fodder production, ceramics and metallurgy etc


Dry powder mixer machine is an ideal equipment for spice blending to tablet formulation, food mixing,chemical manufacturing industries,which doesn’t influence the nutritional or chemical efficacy of your is widely used in food production factory,pharmacy , fine chemical engineering and biological engineering industries,animal fodder production, ceramics and metallurgy, it also adopted in many other industry which requires the combining of two or more dry powders or granules by mixing.

powder blender machine
ZNSJ series protein powder blender machine with a range of sizes, ranging from the ZNSJ10 has a capacity of 15 litre all the way up to the ZNSJ500 with a maximum capacity of 500 litre.Each offering the perfect balance between space efficiency and capacity. The smallest size is ZNSJ10 which capacity is 15L ,it can be manual operated or motor drive ,will sit in the corner of a workshop taking up very little space.Industrial sized ZNSJ 200, 300 or 500 offering the capacity to cope with any sized job in large manufacturing plant machines .

Features of powder mixer machine

1.The polished stainless steel tubes is easy for cleaning,durability and hygiene
2.Series model offers wide range of capacities to suit any requirement,It can mix dry powders of virtually any mesh size
3.Powder mixers are operated through a few simple operating buttons. so just need very little training and can be operated by any worker.
4.The tank body adopted wholly enclosed design for upper and lower heads ,it has no sanitary dead corner and its ensures that materials are always mixed at no-pollution condition.
5.With high mixing precision and high speed,the mixing evenness of 99%.Compact structure ,small footprint with space saving designs
6.Durable and reliable industrial motors,meaning that they just run and run, needing minimal maintenance,which simple operation and controls
7.Protein powder mixer machine is a new type of mixing equipment with high load factor, high efficiency, high uniformity, low pollution and little destruction to frangible material.

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Precaution of powder blender machine operation

1.Pre start inspection.Check the mixing charmber ,confirm there is nothing inner machine ,check electric connection and motor.
2.Machine inspecting. The operator should not be close to the machine when machine working.
3.Materials loading . Filling powder materials through feeding hopper, then close covering cap of loading port and adjust mixing time after filling,the optimum loading rate is 45%-50%.
4.Settle mixing time. The mixing time can be controlled by controller, the operator need settle it down before powder mixer machine working. It will stop automatically when the machine finished mixing.The operator also can stop working by press stop button.This double keying operation method is for operator’s safety, prevent personal injury caused by one keying misuse.
5.Turn on the mixer machine, it will start to work until mixing done.Let the discharge port rotate to the right below position by pressing “shaking” button, put a loading container at lower end of discharge port, open the valve of discharge port until all the materials discharge completely.

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Technical Parameters of Dry Powder Mixer Machine


Tank volume









15 Manual 0.75*0.6*0.85 50
ZESJ10 15 2.2 0.75*0.6*0.85



60 2.2 1.02*1.02*1.1 100
ZESJ50 90 3 1.07*1.06*1.12



180 3 1.25*1.26*1.25 130
ZESJ200 400 3 1.43*1.44*1.56



528 3 2.52*1.6*1.6 230
ZESJ500 800 4 2.8*1.6*2.2