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Pharmaceutical powder packaging machine price

Filling range :1~5000g/bag
Filling container: Plastic bag,woven bag,bottle,paper bag etc
Application:Grain flour,powder additives,milk powder,coffee,solid drink,condiments,spicy powder,natural flavoring,enzymes,washing powder etc


Pharmamaceutical powder packaging machine is suitable for the packing of dry powder with high accurate.The simple filler design allows for easy operation,cleanup, maintenance, and rapid changeover. All contact parts is made of food grade stainless steel of each machine.ZNSF series powder packaging machine matched with high-tech brushless, direct drive servomotors, and state of the art motion control electronics for auger control.The whole machine is controlled by sophisticated PLC,The operator can control machine by touch screen system.Machine matched with 50L large feeding hopper,it’s totally made of stainless steel or PTFE construction and easy operation and cleaning.

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Application of pharma packing machine

This medicine packing machine can be used to all kinds of powder and mixed powder-like material weighing filling, such as:grain flour,powder additives,milk powder,coffee,solid drink,sugar,monosodium glutamate, condiments,spicy powder,natural flavoring,enzymes, washing powder,mixing quantitative powder-like material filling.

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Feature pharma packaging machine

1.The whole pharmaceutical powder packaging machine is made of food grade stainless steel,especially suitable for GMP certification, food hygiene certification, and packaging of anti-corrosion chemical products.
2.Whole medicine packing machine is driven by servo motor,high positioning accuracy, high torque, long service life and adjustable speed.
3.The pharma packaging machine adopted with PLC touch screen system,which work is anti-interference,stable, ,high weighing accuracy, PLC touch screen is more convenient and intuitive for the worker.
4.The filling method is photoelectric sensor induction signal filling material, the user also can choice foot switch signal.
5.Weighing feedback specific gravity tracking type, overcoming the shortcomings of changes in packaging weight due to changes in material specific gravity.
6.Stainless steel structure,which can be quick disconnecting or split hopper could be washed easily without tools.
7.The filling weight can be adjusted according to the user at any time, the working status can be changed easily.
8.Zeno filling machine can provide both semi-automatic and full automatic auger filler machine ,we are the best choice for any customer that desires accurate, repeatable filling of powders,liquid,granules,and other similar products.

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Technical parameters of pharma packaging machine





Zeno Zeno
Filling range 1~50g


Filling accuracy

0.1~1g ±1%
Filling speed




Hopper capacity

15L 50L
Size 0.6*0.5*1.6m





Can be costumed according to your needs

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