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Automatic edible oil filling machine for cooking oil pouch packing

Raw materials : Stainless steel
Filling range : 1~5000ML
Filling Container : Can,glass bottle ,plastic bottle etc
Application : Edible oil,water,juice,dairy products, beverages, liquid seasonings, soy products, Jelly, alcohol, detergent, liquid chemical etc


Oil filling machine is widely used for the filling of liquid, viscous liquid in food, medicine, chemical, daily chemical, oil, veterinary medicine, pesticide and other industries. Such as edible oil, honey,ketchup, rice wine, lubricants, laundry detergent,hand soap, shampoo,pesticides and other materials. The parts in contact with the filling materials are made of food grade 304 stainless steel, which complies with GMP standards.

automatic oil filling machine

This edible oil filling machine is suitable for the filling of oil and liquid products.Especially for high viscosity materials, the mixing device is designed to prevent the precipitation of crystal material.The cooking oil filling machine equipped with a dive filling system to ensure that the filling process can not afford to foam, easy to adjust the filling volume,to prevent filling overflow. It adopted special pneumatic three-way filling valve, compact and reasonable design, simple and beautiful appearance,
Oil packing machine matched PLC programmable control,also with touch screen interface system,The sensor can detect bottle,the implementation of automatic bottle, automatic filling,no bottle is not filling,filling the amount of accurate with counting function. All electrical appliances and electric components are from international famous brand, which can ensure excellent quality and lasting stability of equipment.Filling mechanism with plexiglass covered, avoid dust when oil filling machine working.

oil filling machine manufacturer water bottling machine

How to choice a high quality oil filling machine ?

It’s a necessary and important investing for those in industries such as cosmetics, food processing, and wine, beverage.Consumable oil products with different density ,such as coconut and peanut oils, the user needs different types of edible oil filling equipment for their filling.Zeno filling machine is expert in the bottling of oil: we offer a wide range of machines specifically designed to fill oil into glass bottles and plastic bottle.Our machines are designed to preserve the taste of even the most delicate edible oil ,not matter olive oil or peanut oil etc.
We are professional oil filling machine manufacturer,we can help determine which of our machines will work best with your particular product,according to different oils have varying levels of viscosity.Zeno brand liquid filling machine can fill all liquid products ranging from low to high viscosity. We can provide overflow filler, piston filler, pump filler, gravity filler, net weigh filler, and more.This filling machine can help increase the longevity of your production line and improve efficiency. Edible oil filling machine with different capacity , 2 or 4 filling head ,or more professional filling line.

Optional equipment with edible oil filling machine

To ensure your product receives high-quality packaging to the end user, we also offer other supporting machine. The capping machine can help you cap the bottle ,which can prevent product leakage and contamination, you can using labeling machine that apply customized paper, Mylar, or clear labels to product containers. different bottle with different capping machine and different labeling machines. Fixed or portable belt conveyors can convey bottle and finished products ,automatic working parts also improve your production line through efficient transferring of product containers between stations. this equipment can help you save more manual work and low cost.

bottle filling machine

Features of oil packing machine

1. This cooking oil filling machine adopts imported servo motor to drive piston measuring barrel to achieve metering filling.
2.Using PLC programmable control and touch screen human-machine interface system,The user can change the filling range by adjust the parameters through touch screen, easy operate.
3.Three-way filling valve,compact and reasonable design, the filling volume with high accurate and counting function; simple and beautiful appearance.
4.The bottle filling machine matched with bottle sensor,automatic bottle feeding, filling, and bottle discharging, no bottle no filling.
5.Every bottle filling machine has been designed to be efficient and have been made using state of the art technology.Electrical components adopt international brands to ensure excellent quality and long-term stable performance.
6.Equipped with filling system to prevent dripping and wire drawing to ensure no dripping after filling,sanitary valve pipeline,quick installation connection,easy assembly and installation.

Technical Parameters of oil pouch packing machine




Brand Zeno Zeno Zeno Zeno Zeno


Filling range

1~5000L 1~5000L 1~5000L 1~5000L 1~5000L


Filling accuracy


Filling speed


350~400 600~800 1000~1100 1150~1300 1300~1600



Plastic bottle or glass bottle

The machine can be made according to customer’s requirements

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