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Automatic milk powder filling line for tin can packing

Materials:Stainless steel

Filling range:5~2000g/bottle
Features:Semi automatic or automatic
Application:Milk powder, protein powder ,coffee powder, spice powder, and bean powder, etc.


Milk powder packing line is capable of accurately dispensing dry powder into round shape rigid containe ,such as metal,plastic,paper can.It can be applied to food, medicine and corrosive chemical raw materials,like milk powder,protein powder,maca powder filling.High precision servo motor control filling with high accuracy,high speed, and stable performance.

Zeno filling machine has built automatic milk powder filling line to accommodate all standards of the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries. our machine adopt food grade stainless steel and Siemens controls to ensure enduring quality and precision. This powder filling line with highly reliable, accurate and efficient automation suitable for almost any rigid container packaging on the market .

automatic milk powder filling line

Features of milk powder packing line

1. Aluminum can or bottle loading
Preformed bottler or can are loaded manually by an operator into the bottle unscrambler in the front of the automatic filling machine. The bottle are conveyed to the machine by belt conveyor.
2.Empty bottle sterilization
The sterilization machine can turn can, blowing and sterilizing the empty bottle.To keep the bottle in a sterile state, and don’t contaminate the powder
3.Bottle filling
The powder product is feeding into the can usually by an auger filler .It is responsible for the correct measurement and release of discrete quantities of product to be sent into each cleaned can.

auger filling machine milk powder packing line

4.Gas filling
This modified atmosphere packaging process displaces oxygen within the can by using a blast of gas,it’s usually nitrogen. For dust collection ,our powder filling line match organic glass on the powder filling parts and gas filling parts.
5.Capping device or screwing device
Bottle capping machine is an automatic capping machine to press and screw lids on bottles. It’s special designed for automatic packing line. Normally the plastic bottle and metal bottle with different bottle cap ,this parts will be adjusted according to user’s container.
6.Printing and embossing
If the user wanna printing or embossing on the bottle, The powder filling production line need matched with pouch fill and seal machines can utilize both thermal and inkjet printers. The printer can print production and lot codes on the pouches.

auger filler application

Technical Parameters of milk powder filling line

Model ZEWF1


Filling range



Filling accuracy



Filling speed








Plastic bottle

Metal bottle

Working Video of Milk Power Packing Line