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Brief Information

Ketchup pouch filling machine for tomato sauce packing

Model : ZEXD50
Raw materials : Stainless steel
Filling range : 1~50ML
Filling Container : Two layers or more than two layers of composite membrane
Application : Water,juice,dairy products, beverages, liquid seasonings, soy products, Jelly, alcohol, detergent, liquid chemical etc


Ketchup filling machine is suitable for packaging all kinds of ketchup, milk, soybean milk, soy sauce, juice, chili sauce, liquid detergent etc.Flexible pouch packaging provide eco-conscious solutions that keep your tomato sauces safe and fresh from fill through end-use.Sauces with aseptic technology,it’s shelf-stable and preservative-free.The machine is made of stainless steel 304,with date printing which can print the produce date and expiry date on the packaging bag.

tomatoc sauce filling machine tomatoc sauce packing machine

Application of ketchup filling machine

Foods:Tomato sauce,salad dressing,mayonnaise,ketchup,oil,soybean sauce, vinegar,pepper sauces,sesame sauce,peanut butter,chocolate sauces,spices,seasonings, flavors,relish etc.
Personal care:Shampoo,skin lotion, bath gel, cosmetic cream,hair conditioner, etc.
Others:Pouch medicine,hand sanitizer, etc.

sauce filling machine application

Types of Sealing
The ketchup filling machine can achieve various sealing methods such as back sealing, three-side sealing and four-side sealing, which can meet the requirements of different customers.The packing can make different packing size ,the materials could be composite materials,like composite films of the paper or polythene,the polyester material surface film.The packing bag is loaded to machine in roll,the filling range can be 1~50ML ,the bag length could be 40~160mm,width is 40~120mm .

Tomato source packing machine adopted the most popular design on the market , it can finish all processes automatically,from weighing,bag making,filling,sealing,marking, cutting and counting, which largely reduces labor cost and improve working efficiency in large-scale production. this machine is suitable for pack series sauce to small package ,which is the popular consumer kitchen food on the market.Different sealing type make the product easy to tear and tight sealing doesn’t need any clip tools for the user ,it ensure the product quality and taste .The whole machine adopt PLC touch screen control system and servo motor, which is much easier operation for the user,Air driver sealing system make the machine run more steady,which makes our machine more humanized and easier to operate.
Ketchup packing machine adopt special bag making system which can make the bag neat and much beauty.Zeno packing machine independent research and development designed special volume method is specialized for paste material. It can keep the sealing margin clean, it will not touch filling materials on clips and outside of bag.
The most favorite tomato sauce is family-size pouches ,the company can offer tomato sauces in pouches for use in occasions like camping or picnicking; resealable, they also can provide trial-size pouches when promotion.

pouch filling machine

Features of ketchup filling machine

1.The pouch filling machine has automatic filling, bag forming, measurement, coding printing, sealing, cutting and other functions,the filling volume can be adjusted according to customer’s production requirements,easy and quick operation.
2.It is a vertical type packing machine characterized by compact structure, small floor space, easy operation and moving. It is available for packing tomato paste, salad dressing,chili sauce, paste, liquid, butter, and other liquid and viscous fluid state.
3.The machine adopts the latest hopper collection and body parts adopts 304 stainless steel,it is easy clean and switch is very convenient to adjust ,which can improve work efficiency.
4.The films with a wide selection and fitments that enable any type of size.Use tomato sauce pouch filling machine to pack sauce ,which can transport your tomato sauces and ingredients in packaging safely,that offer cost saving throughout the supply chain.
5.The ketchup filling machine adopts stepper motor control with high precision and is suitable for a variety of package sizes.All systems of the machine adopt advanced technology, which makes the operation of the machine more smooth and much easier operate.
6.The controller of the salad dressing bagging machine is displayed by touch screen in English. Operators can pay attentions with working conditions directly.The tape printer can print word, production date or batch number and other information according to user’s requirement.

Technical Parameters of tomato sauce packing machine




Filling range


Filling accuracy

Filling speed


Bag size



Package style

Three edge-sealing

Four edge-sealing

Back sealing

Bag materials

Two layers or more than two layers of composite membrane