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Brief Information

Automatic honey filling machine for sale,packaging syrup

Filling range :10~2800ml/bottle
Filling Container : Can,glass bottle ,plastic bottle etc
Application : Honey,Syrup,edible oil,juice,dairy products, beverages, liquid seasonings, soy products, Jelly, alcohol, detergent, liquid chemical etc


Automatic honey filling machine is designed for filling of various semi-fluids, pastes, viscous bodies, sauce materials, such as honey, jams, ketchup, chili sauce, bean paste, shrimp paste, apple sauce, salad dressing, etc.The filling range and speed are adjustable according to operation.For this kind of viscous liquid ,the filling nozzles with unique design ,it with suck-back function, to avoid leakage filling material,like honey,oil, syrups etc.It also equipped with bottle clamping device, ensure bottle in a right position and avoid bottle broken,excellent sensor inspect system to each bottle for filling ,no bottle no filling.This syrup filling machine can work with capping machine and labeling machine to realize automated production.

syrup filling machine

Honey is import food all over the machine ,it is a sweet, viscous food substance made by bees and some related insects. Honey gets its sweetness from the monosaccharides fructose and glucose, and has about the same relative sweetness as sucrose table sugar. It has attractive chemical properties for baking and a distinctive flavor when used as a sweetener.Most microorganisms do not grow in honey, so sealed honey does not spoil, even after thousands of years.It has widely application in jams,stewed fruit, jellies, marmalades,fruit sauces,baking,cake,biscuit etc.This is a currently changing market,but in most countries still have large demand of honey and its by-product.with new recipes.

honey packaging

Why honey need specific filling machine ?

Because of honey with higher level of viscosity, honey requires the use of fillers that can fill it into containers properly. When you are bottling honey,there are several types of filling machines you may choose.Filling machine configurations are customized depending on your facility space requirements and applications, small capacity with table-top models available.if you wanna build a filling factory , you can also use our honey filling production .It’s with high automation ,but with simple programming makes,easy to set custom speed and fill settings.Zeno brand honey packaging machine can fill honey into jars and bottles with consistent accuracy and precision.

If you choice right syrup filling machine ,it will be easy to filling honey into different container,also for other viscous product ,such as syrup.Viscous products such as honey or caramel sauce ,syrup can be easily dosed with our filling machines. Due to our filler machine have matched shut-off valves and dispensing valves for dense products the dosing of products such as honey becomes a piece of cake. The quipments are made of quality stainless steel materials.For the whole production line filling honey into glass jars or plastic bottles ,capping machine and labeling will be your good helper.

honey filling machine for sale

Features of honey filling machine

1. Syrup filling machine has nice appearance and reasonable structure, it’s shell is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets GMP’s the most advanced honey filling machine in packing industrial currently, It can be customized with 4/6/8/10/12/16 filling nozzle according to customer’s production capacity.
2. Liquid filling machine adopts piston filling method, the user can do overall adjust of filling speed and filling volume.For liquid packaging , such as honey,syrup,sauces and pastes, we have different measuring devices to achieve the highest accuracy of the pack.
3. PLC control system, color touch screen display, this control parts can automatically display all the parameters on the machine, filling volume can be adjusted directly on touch screen , easy to operate,no bottle no filling, frequency control, automatic counting.When the production problems occurs ,the control system will automatically issue a fault alarm.
4. The syrup packaging machine comes with stirring system, so that make the product more uniform, better mobility, easy to fill.
5. Date printing device can automatically print production date, bar code and text,the user can choice optional according to their requirements.

syrup filler

Technical Parameters of honey filling machine

Model ZEFM10 ZEFM50


Filling range

10~100ML 50~500ML


Filling accuracy

≤1% ≤1%


Filling speed


0~15 0~15


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