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Brief Information

Automatic flour packing machine price,powder bagging machine

Filling range :2~50kg/bag
Filling container: Woven bag,plastic bag
Application:Grain flour,powder additives,milk powder,coffee,solid drink,condiments,spicy powder,natural flavoring,enzymes,washing powder etc


Automatic flour packing machine is used for quantitative packing in the powdery material .Widely adopted in packing industrial of flour, wheat flour, maize flour, corn flour, rice flour, banana flour,(such as waxy rice noodles, corn starch, potato starch, cassava starch, modified starch,gluten flour,dextrin etc.It’s for open mouth bags with high performance digital electronic weighing and dosing system by screw feeder for large and fine flow.The packing range is 2~10kg/bag or 5-50 kg /bag.All the parts contact with materials are made of stainless steel.

flour packing machine

The usage of flour packing machine

When wheat or maize comes to packing and transporting products meant for consumption.Excellent packing will benefit hygienic elements and the unique flavour of the flour, and it will prevent your product from spoiling. That’s why we need high-quality wheat flour packing machine,it is one of the prime requirements.
Bag Materials
laminated poly woven bag, PE bag,pp woven bag, plastic bag etc .

auger filler application

Features of powder bagging machine

1.The contact material is food grade 304 stainless steel, and the factory equipment standard meets the ISO certification requirements.
2.High precision: high precision weighing controller is adopted, and the reliability is good.
3.High technology adoption ,which overcome the inconsistency caused by the sticky material content large moisture, also the weighing problem caused by high moisture.
3.Quick sewing parts adjustments for different bag widths and lengths
4.Adjustable speed: the feeding method of powder filling machine is spiral feeding, the operator can adjust fast feeding or slow feeding by controller, and the feeding speed can be set according to requirements.
5.Environmental protection operation: Powder bagging machine with internal circulation system to effectively prevent dust from flying in the workshop, it can improve the working environment and protect the health of operator.
6.Reasonable structure:compact structure, small size, can be made into fixed or mobile body according to user requirements.The belt conveyor can move away packed flour ,it can save manual labor.
7.The flour packing machine can combine with different bag sealing machines according to your packing bag, such as heat sealing machine for plastic bag, sewing machine for woven bag.The user also can purchase the folding machine, automatic sewing machine etc.

powder bagging machine flour packing machine price

Technical parameters of automatic flour packing machine

Model ZEFB10 ZEFB50



Filling accuracy


Air consumption


Packing range

2~10kg 5~50kg


Filling speed


3~10 3~8 6~18
Size 0.6*1.4*2.2m 0.95*1.5*2.5m


Can be costumed according to your needs