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flexible screw conveyor stainless steel auger conveyor for sale

Raw materials:Stainless steel
Support frame:Optional
Lift height:1.6~5m customized
Application:Food ,grain,garlic powder, flour, cocoa beans,lead oxide, whey, fiberglass, vitamins, epsom salts, ferric sulfate, gypsum, caffeine powder, and carbon black etc.


Flexible screw conveyor is the main equipment of mechanical transport for food industry and agriculture,which uses motor to drive screw rotation and move material to achieve conveying purpose.It is suitable for most industries such as food materials,building material, chemical industry, metallurgy and grain industry.It can be used transfer for horizontal or tilted transportation for powdery, granular and small lump materials, such as powder,flour,food ,grain etc.
Screw conveyor assist in moving or conveying items such as: powder materials,granule materials,flour,grain or products from one area to another,usually for the purpose of performing automated or semi-automated finishing or manufacturing processes. Stainless steel screw conveyors is a very efficient method,the compact design with small size ,which allows for the vertical screw conveyor to fit into almost any plant layout ,it’s for elevating a variety of bulk materials at very steep inclines or completely vertical.These conveyors are able to transport dry, loose materials between places such as factory,pits, trucks, barrels, rail cars, silos, hoppers, and vats.

stainless steel screw conveyor
Features of auger conveyor

1.Large capacity
It’s the ideal equipment for handling dry powder or granule materials,capacity up to 3~6tons per hour.
2..Dust-free Operatio n
Screw conveyor is totally sealed during operation, there’s no risk of humidity from the atmosphere or dust contamination ,a critical factor when used in food and pharmaceutical applications.Dust can cause airborne contamination of other products and also pose a threat to the working environment,it will cause air pollution to the worker .
3.Easy to Clean
The simplicity of the screw conveyor makes cleaning in a easy way. The electric motor can be reversed to empty the conveyor of residual material.The conveyor spiral can be removed from the tube quickly if necessary,and optional quick release connectors enable rapid dismantling and reassembly to reduce little stop time.
4.Easy to move
This auger conveyor can be mounted on mobile supports frames with wheels, particularly gravity roller and wheel conveyors and short belt conveyors, it’s for portable use in factory or warehouse.

auger conveyor auger conveyor for sale

Widely Application of this equipment

It can be used for food ,grain,garlic powder, flour, cocoa beans,lead oxide, whey, fiberglass, vitamins, epsom salts, ferric sulfate, gypsum, caffeine powder, and carbon black etc.

screw conveyor application

Technical parameters of screw conveyor







Screw diameter


Lift height


Can be customized