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Chili sauce filling machine for BBQ sauce packaging

Raw materials : Stainless steel
Filling range : 30~1000ML
Filling Container : Can,glass bottle ,plastic bottle etc
Application : Chili sauce,ketchup, soy sauce, peanut oil, blended oil, vinegar, cooking wine and so on.


Chili sauce filling machine is the latest development of our factory.It can be used for different size container,bottle size from 30~1000ML.The machine is automatic and functionally complete,it can be used for chili sauce,shrimp paste,tomato sauce,peanut butter, jam,seasoning sauce, creamy, soy sauce,and granule.It is widely used in food,drinks,medicine,pesticide,medicine,chemical and other non-gaseous liquid filling.

BBQ sauce filling machine
This liquid filling machine is comprised of washing machine, tunnel sterilizing, filing machine,labeling machine capping machine etc.This machine adopts high tech PLC computer program setting, man-machine interface operating system, time control weighing,high slot automatic flow rate,air pressure liquid level sensor automatic feeding,no bottle no filling which is controlled by photoelectric sensing.It with advanced technology,compact appearance,applicable,accurate measurement,high filling efficiency,widely used in glass bottle,aluminum bottle ,polyester bottle, and so on.The user invest small cost but bring a high output and great filling quality product .

sauce packaging machine
Chili-based sauces and pastes are condiments prepared with chili peppers.It is a widely used condiment that adds spice and flavor to most food not matter Asian recipes or Western favorites.Chili sauces and pastes can be used as a dipping sauce, cooking glaze and marinade. Many commercial varieties of mass-produced chili sauce and paste exist on the most country,it could be Thai sweet chili sauce, Filipino agre dulce or Chinese doubanjiang .BBQ sauce is a kind of chili sauce but with different sauce recipe。
The user require specific type of filling machine to process chili sauce and BBQ sauce ,those sauce with particles and thicker sauces.The machine must handle those materials and fill each bottle with high accuracy .
Zeno brand packaging machine is designed to fill this product, After the completion of sauce filling,automatic capping machine will fit containers with customized caps,and labelers to apply high-quality labels with your company logo and brand.The belt conveyor will bear the transport function for the whole filling machine ,no matter empty bottle or filled bottle delivery ,it can transport bottle from beginning side to the end of the production line with consistent efficiency at specific speed settings.

sauce packaging

Features of chili sauce filling machine

1.The sauce contact parts is made SUS304 stainless steel material . The machine matched rotary mixer which can mix sauce well, it can ensure the sauce with particles evenly in each bottle.Our engineers can also add acid and alkali resistance to the machine according to the customer’s raw materials。
2.For granular sauces, our equipment adopted special pneumatic three-way valves and filling valves. The filling tank is equipped with a stirring device to prevent the material from settling and solidifying.
3.The equipment uses special sauce filling head, it will not pollute the bottle mouth or bottle body in the filling process, it’s easy to screw cap and label.
4.This sauce filling machine is in compact design and reasonable, filling volume adjustment is convenient,more simple and convenient in operation, less precision error, installation adjustment, equipment cleaning, maintenance and other aspects.
5.The filling nozzle can be customized according to the needs of customer’s requirements , the more filling nozzle, the higher capacity.
If you wanna begin your own brand BBQ sauce ,you can start with the design and implementation of BBQ sauce filling machine and other machinery from Zeno filling machine.

sauce filling line

Technical Parameters of BBQ sauce packaging machine




Brand Zeno Zeno


Filling range

30~1000ML 30~1000ML


Filling method

Piston Piston


Filling accuracy

≤1% ≤1%


Filling speed


0~40 0~40




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