Project Description

Brief Information

Automatic chili powder packing machine for spicy powder bag filling

Filling range :1~1500g/bag
Filling container: Plastic bag,woven bag,bottle,paper bag etc
Application:Grain flour,powder additives,milk powder,coffee,solid drink,condiments,spicy powder,natural flavoring,enzymes,washing powder etc


Chili powder packing machine should customized specifically for its characteristics due to the different physical properties associated with powders.Zeno filling machine provide those filling machine for many different types of powder products.It could be flour for bread making ,or protein powder for daily drinking,or curry powder for your cooking.

chili powder packig machine

Those powder with different sizes, different density based on its composition,most of them can clump together under humid conditions.Before the user purchase powder filling machine ,they should consider following questions.Which kind of container will i use for the powder ? What size container will i use to fill these powder products into?How many containers per minute i need fill?If you have made decision all above information ,Zeno filling machine will help you move away from costly, labor-intensive manual bagging and get a affordable, reliable spicy powder filling machine.

Automatic chili powder packing machine collects each pouch individually by a unique combination of vacuum and pneumatic actuators. and then rotated to the fill area where the bag is opened and placed in a filling position. At mean time, the filling powder enters the chute where the bag is being opened below. The detector will confirm the get to the specific location ,the feeding screw will enters the bag and opens its gate. Product is fed into bag properly without spillage ,protect the packed powder from contamination. The organic glass will prevent the powder entering the workshop to causing dust pollution.The finished bag will be delivered by belt conveyor to next process .

spicy powder filling machine automatic packing machine

Features of chili powder packing machine

1.Multiple usage ,It can be used for different powder filling,such as medical powder, milk powder, coffee powder, starch, protein powder,chili powder,curry powder ,flour and etc.
2.User friendly operation system,Intuitive display with touch screen technology for quick and easy operation,control panel for intuitive and easy operation.
3.Full automatic operation ,from the bag picking ,filling and delivery ,it doesn’t need manual work .
4.High filling accuracy,the spicy powder packing machine adopted Siemens PLC control system ,the packing accuracy can be controlled in 1%.
5.No waste,detection sensors used at various points in the cycle to ensure correct bag placement and full bag opening,avoid wrong feeding.
6.Long service life,electrical and pneumatic components matched with dust-proofing,it can provide additional protection to extend machine service life.

spicy powder packing machine

Technical parameters of automatic chili powder packing machine


Filling range 5~1500g


Packaging accuracy

±1% ±1%
Filling speed 0~50bag/min


Size of bag





Air consumption

Size 1.65*1.38*1.5m