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Automatic bottle capping machine price for filling line

Filling range :10~40 bottle/min
Filling container: Plastic bottle,glass bottle etc
Application:Grain flour,powder additives,milk powder,coffee,solid drink,condiments,spicy powder,natural flavoring,enzymes,washing powder etc


Bottle capping machine is used to securely apply plastic or metal threaded caps, lids, snap caps, plugs and other similar closures to bottles or containers at low and extremely high speeds. Not only bottle capping machines save cost and production time , it also contribute to maintaining a sanitary work space.

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The equipment is consist of bottle hopper,cap elevator ,cap screw ,belt conveyor and capping parts.Boxes of caps,lids,plugs or other closures are poured into the Cap Hopper. The bottle hopper handle the bottle and fixed bottle,then cap elevator feed the closures into the cap shoot or sorting bowl in order increase the efficiency of the entire cap delivery system.Before sending the caps down a shoot to the capping machine,the cap elevator is used to orient them correctly for secure placement on the bottle or container.then the capping machine can screw cap on the bottle.

In any liquid or powder packaging line,it’s essential to have a reliable bottle capping machine.It can ensure that the bottle are fully sealed and prepared for their next step in the chain of manufacturing,after the bottles go through the container filler station.Zeno brand bottle capping machine will help complete your packaging line and will help ensure that your products are packaged in a high quality manner.

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What are the different types of bottle capping machine ?

Screw capping machine

It work by placing a cap onto a bottle or container, then sending it through the machine where moving parts screw the cap so it is sealed tightly.This machine offers better spindle control, precise application torque,tighter torque tolerances and real time feedback to users. It is suitable for plastic bottle capping.

Metal can capping machine

The automatic can sealing machine is a new type of bottle capping machine, which can be applied for various canned beverages, canned beef, canned sardines and other iron can products. It’s the ideal equipment for food, beverage and pharmaceutical Ideal packaging equipment for other industries. The outer cover and main parts are made of SUS304 stainless steel to meet the requirements of food and medicine hygiene.It can automatically drop the lid and seal the can with a very high degree of automation.the whole machine runs stably with high work efficiency,automation, saving labor costs,high processing precision, sealing quality is better than similar products, easy to operate.Depending on your needs, this machine can be designed to be inline, keeping your bottles on the main conveyor.

Metal cap capping machine

Most commonly use a vacuum collect to pick up the lid and then press the snap-on cap or lid onto each bottle or container as it passes through the machine.The metal cap locking machine is suitable for the locking of various wine, beverages, cosmetics and skin care products, etc.The material of the bottle cap is generally aluminum bottle caps.The aluminum cap locking machine has stable performance and fast locking speed.

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Zeno filling machine provide capping machines for a wide range of applications and production volumes. our capping machine tightens or secures a cap on a container. it can secure most cap types onto a wide assortment of bottle types.

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