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Bakery food packaging machine for bread,cake,biscuit sealing

Packaging range :40~280mm
Filling container: Plastic bag,paper bag etc
Application:Bread,cake, biscuits, cookies, meat muffin, flaky pastry, moon cake, several sausage in a bag etc


The ZEMB series bakery food packaging machine makes it easy for small, hand-producing businesses in particular to enter into automatic thermoforming packaging. It enables packs, which are attractive and appropriate for the individual product, to be produced in small batches for a wide range of bakery products. The bread packaging machine does not require water or compressed air connections, which means that it can be used very flexibly in the production environment. Thanks to a wide range of equipment options, it can be ideally matched to the customer’s specific requirements.Zeno brand packaging machines for bread fully meet food packaging requirements: hygiene, high performance and packaging design.Our bread packaging machines are built with certified materials and the best electronic components to ensure reliability and high performance. Our wide range is available to meet any request in terms of productivity and product size.

bread sealing machine
The semi-automatic bread packaging machine is suitable for packing bakery products and snacks very efficiently in small batches. Thanks to its space-saving design and movable castors, this high-performance model can be used very flexibly – and it stands out from the rest for its hygienic design, very easy handling and first-class pack quality. Its automatic tray drawer guarantees ergonomic operation.

bread packing machine

Applications of biscuit packing machine

Food : Bread,cake, biscuits, cookies, meat muffin, flaky pastry, moon cake, several sausage in a bag, egg roll, etc
Hardwares : Hinge, stainless steel pipe, bearings , screw, nuts and washer, etc
Hotel Supplies : Soap, disposable comb, tooth paste and brush in one set.
Stationary : Pencil, eraser, notebook, paper card, adhensive tape
Electric Products : Battery, USB cable, earphone, user manual and accessories in one set.
Medical : face mask, glove, gauze, capsule, disposable syringe.

biscuit packaging machine

Features of ZEMB cake packaging machine

* The servo system replace the traditional mechanical film feeding system, which simplifies the mechanical structure, making packaging machine run more smoothly. Routine maintenance is more convenient, simple, reducing skill requirements to the operator, machine running noise and error rate are significantly reduced.
* Host machine adopts frequency control, reducing the cost of the machine and increasing the cost-effective.
* Digital display can directly display packaging film length, packing speed, output, temperature and other parameters.
* PLC control can reduce mechanical contact and make the system more stable, reliable, and maintenance easier.
* Adopting bidirectional automatic tracking and detecting color code by photodetector.
* The main electrical parts are well-known international brands to ensure the stable operation of equipment.
* Positioned stop function, without sticking knife or wasting film.
* All control is realized through software, easy for function adjusting and technical upgrade.

Technical parameters of bread packaging machine

Type ZEMB250 ZEMB320 ZEMB350 ZEMB400 ZEMB450


Film width

Max.250mm Max.320mm Max.350mm Max.400mm Max.450mm


Bag Length

40-280mm 90-330mm 65-280mm 180-400mm 130-450mm


Bag width

30-110mm 50-150mm 50-160mm 50-185mm 60-200mm 60-280mm
Products High Max.60mm Max.60mm Max.70mm Max.80mm Max.90mm


Packing speed


40-330 40-230 40-230 30-180 30-180




3.77*0.67*1.45 3.77*0.72*1.45 4.02*0.77*1.45 4.02*0.8*1.45 4.02*0.82*1.45




550 600 650 700 800


For packaging biscuits, cookies and other confectionery products there are different solutions depending on the manufacturer’s requirements. Among the most commonly used packaging methods there are flow-pack.For biscuit and cookie packaging, we are available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic models, and the vertical bread packaging machine, the versatility and efficiency of which are extremely productive even for packaging biscuits and bakery products of any size.
Zeno filling machine has own R&D department, which is at your service to examine packaging requests, also in terms of design. Thanks to cutting-edge design systems, our engineers will be able to solve your problems and together we’ll create a bread packaging line tailored to your needs.Packaging bread, cakes and sweet bakery products is no longer an issue with Zeno packing machine ! Get in touch with us and we will find the best-suited packaging machine for your needs!

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