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Automatic rice packing machine grain weighing packaging machine

Raw materials:Stainless steel
Packing bag :Woven bag,plastic bag, paper bag, gunny bag etc
Application:Rice, corn,wheat,grain and grainy seed,food,pellet wholesome material, mixture, feed, medicine, and chemical material etc


Automatic rice packing machine is suitable for granule materials packing,mainly adopted in packaging of food,medical supplies,hardware and other particle in bulk such as rice ,corn ,wheat ,salt,sugar, coffee,seeds and monosodium glutamate ,electuary etc.

automatic rice packaging machine

Rice packing machine is consists of automatic weighing parts, belt conveyor, sewing parts, control system. The machine adopted digital frequency technology and antijamming technology to weigh materials with high accuracy,also achieve fast, medium and slow speed change screw feeder.This packing machine also achieve automatic compensation and error correction.With a reasonable structure, beautiful shape, smooth operation, energy saving, accurate weighing.
In the rice industry, the packaging is done in order to avoid spoilage and to prolong the quality of rice.So packaging is very import step in the rice industry as the good packaging provides not only keep intact the flavor of rice ,but also convenient handling in transportation and storage .The good package is also another kind of sales promotion for the customer.The rice is packed in different packaging weights and different bag ,Zeno filling machine can provide fully support.Our rice packing machine adopted advanced technology ,which is implemented in the packaging solution that ensures complete flexibility in the packaging process.

rice weighing machine

Features of grain weighing and packaging machine

1.Less manual work ,this machine achieve automatic weighing,conveyor and sewing ,only need worker to open bag and cut the thread after finish sewing.
2.The contact part with the material is made of high quality stainless steel, which has high corrosion resistance.
3.High weighing accuracy with independent suspension sensor, high-intelligence weighing controller,stable signal transmission and stable performance.
4.Through the instrument control, to ensure the speed and accuracy of cutting.
5.The PLC control system is sealed ,it can be used in harsh dust environments.
6.The rice packing machine use import electrical and pneumatic components,it with long service life and high stability.
7.Stainless steel machine solve the problem of packaging of special chemical raw materials, with wide application range and simple operation in the packing industrial.

roce packagingrice packing

Technical parameters of rice packing machine

Model ZEDB6 ZEDB50



Zeno Zeno


Packing accuracy

±0.2~0.5% ±0.2~0.5%


Air consumption


Packing range

0.5~6kg 5~50kg


Filling speed


0~60 4~8



1.5*1.1*2.5m 3*1.1*2.62m


Working Video