How to packing your powder food ? which auger filling machine you should use ?

Powder foods and beverages provide significant advantages to manufacturers and consumers, alike. The trends present clear growth opportunities for manufacturers but the broader powder food and beverage market, have high barriers to entry. Whether it be milk or protein powder, spices,drink mixes, or pharmaceutical/nutraceutical products,Packaging is perhaps the most challenging, risky step in the entire process.The manufacturer need ensure the package not only can attractive customer but also keep flavour of the product.
By choosing equipment that meet all of those requirements, manufacturers it realizing much benefits. For example, leading-edge packaging machinery has features that eliminate powder spillage, thereby improving hygiene, reducing waste and making production more efficient.
On the package market ,the most popular powder filling machine is auger filling machine. All of the internal components that have direct contact with the product are made of high grade stainless steel,like dosing auger.It also make them very easy to clean ,which ensures fast product conversion and easy integration into state-of-the-art packaging technology. Auger filling machine are ideal equipment for filling traditional consumer products such as baby milk powder, instant coffee, nutritional supplements, spices, and cereal flour.
All those equipment need to be provided according to your raw materials ,conditioner,filing range etc.When you choice the machine for your powder packing, there are three main things you need confirm with packaging equipment manufacturer,then they can provide the best powder packaging solution for your specific application.

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Food powders are often produced by rapid dehydration and they contain amorphous carbohydrates and proteins, which become plasticized by water. Changes in mechanical properties may be caused by depression of the glass transition to below storage temperature, which results in dramatic changes in flow properties and loss of acceptable quality. Such changes may be related to the viscous flow of amorphous compounds in the rubbery state and it is often assumed that product quality can be maintained in the glassy state.

milk powder packing machineHere are 2 main types powder product,Free-Flow or Non-Free-Flow.
Free-flow meaning powder product is considered free-flowing when its particles are not cohesive. Examples of this are granulated sugar or table salt, which ‘flow freely’ when dispensed. Adding extra pressure usually will not compact these types of powders, and they usually don’t hold their shape when manipulated.
Non-free-flow meaning powder product is considered non-free-flowing when the particles are cohesive. Examples of this are brown sugar or powdered milk, which tend to hold their shape when manipulated and can be compacted under pressure.

Which Auger Filling Machine Suitable For Your Materials ?

It’s important to your powder packaging project to determine whether your product is free-flow or non-free-flow with packing machine manufacturer. Especially it affects the filler type that your product requires to properly dispense your powder product into its packaging.
Free-flowing product easily falls with the force of gravity while non-free-flowing product needs to be properly compacted during packaging because of its cohesive properties, so those 2 kinds of powder product need different filling systems to convey the products properly. Mostly,free-flow powder packing projects can utilize volumetric or free-flow auger filling machine, and non-free-flow powder packaging necessitates an auger filler specialized to properly dispense cohesive products.

But there are another kinds of packing machine for grain flour which is dusty products like flour.When flour is packaging ,some powder will dispense the and form  a dust cloud inevitably. They cling to almost any surface,it will speared on the workshop.Now consider this in the context of powder packaging machinery; serious mechanical issues can occur as a result of loose airborne particulates. Thus, certain powder packaging machinery options are recommended when a powder product is dusty,like glass protection and dust collection parts.

Creating Your Own Powder Filling Line

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